Condominium Property Manager in Palatine, IL

Condominium ownership can be as stressful as it is rewarding. But when you hire A Plus Property Managers Inc, you can stop worrying. Our well-qualified team of condo property management specialists in Palatine, IL has the skill and experience to help you minimize expenses while maximizing your return on investment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What sets you apart from other companies?

Answer: Our Owners are Board Presidents and Village Council and Zoning Board members in their own communities. They didn't start the company to get rich. They created a company out of a sense of passion for the issues affecting communities and homeowners.

How do you keep your fees so reasonable?

Answer: We leverage modern technology. We encourage our clients to "go-green" with us and push for a paperless system. This saves us time and expense, which saves your Association time and expense, which means that you can get more value for the dollar from your assessment payments.

Do you really answer your phone 24/7?

Answer: Call us at 3:20 a.m. tonight and see if you get an answering service or a live A Plus rep. Pipes don't always explode during regular business hours. We are here for you.

Why don't you have the menu of additional charges for the cost of faxes, notices, etc.?

Answer: We don't believe in it. We think that it nickel and diming clients. If you agree to a mostly paperless system, then we are emailing notices most of the time, which is more efficient, track-able, provides for better record-keeping and transparency, etc.

How do you keep our money safe?

Answer: We provide your Board of Directors 24/7 online access to your Associations bookkeeping. Your Board members can log on in the pajamas and view every penny, every invoice, whatever they like.

Do you have a maintenance division?

Answer: Never. We are not interested in charging you $75/hr. to change light bulbs. That's not our passion. We need to hire vendors on your behalf, from whom we maintain a professional distance, so that we can squeeze them for value for the dollar on your behalf.

There has to be a catch. What are we not asking?

Answer: We are not a property manager in the context of homeowner associations. We are "association managers". The maintenance and repair of the brick and mortar must be overseen by a Maintenance Coordinator, who you may already have on staff, or who we can find on your behalf. This is an important distinction. To protect your Board and our firm, legally, we must be very specific about who is responsible for what. At all times, your Board is the boss and the governing body of your Association. Your Maintenance Vendor is responsible for Maintenance, bidding, working with outside vendors, performing special Board projects, etc. We are the experts of managing information, the contracts, insurance, assessments, etc.; the flow of the data and following up with vendors to ensure that they did a great job.

Who, exactly is supposed to take care of what?

Answer: We manage people, info, contracts, etc., and we assist the Board with contracting with outside vendors to manage the property. Usually, a Maintenance Coordinator manages the physical property. As a guideline, we like to use a Responsibility Chart like you see below. In our opinion, we do it all, since all the info flows through us, but we also delegate:

Be honest, when you have ever had a problem with a Board after you were hired, what was it about?

Answer: It is always about how we deal with third party vendors. We stick to the IL Condo Act, the law, the insurance procedures, etc. When we are hired by Boards which insist on using vendors who use very informal paperwork, then there is a problem because our legal burden is to protect the Association; not necessarily be every contractor's buddy.